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The United Nations University (UNU) is the academic arm of the United Nations. It bridges the academic world and the United Nations system. Its goal is to develop sustainable solutions for current and future problems of humankind in all aspects of life. Through a problem-oriented and interdisciplinary approach it aims at teaching, applied research and education on a global scale. UNU was founded in 1973 as an autonomous organ of the United Nations General Assembly. The University comprises headquarters in Tokyo, Japan, and more than a dozen Institutes and Programmes worldwide.


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Press release: Discarded Kitchen, Laundry, Bathroom Equipment Comprises Over Half of World E-waste: UNU Report

Published 2015-04-20

In 2014, people worldwide discarded all but a small fraction of an estimated 41.8 million metric tonnes (Mt) of electrical and electronic products — mostly end-of-life kitchen, laundry and bathroom equipment like microwave ovens, washing machines and dishwashers. |Read more

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PRESS RELEASE: Prospecting critical raw materials from wastes

Published 2015-03-02

First Urban Mine Knowledge Data Platform providing access to data on mineral resources from extraction to end of life products with the ability to reference all spatial and non-spatial data | Read more

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StEP (Solving The E-waste Problem) publishes new brochure

Published 2014-07-23 | Updated 2014-10-24

23 July 2014 - StEP (Solving The E-waste Problem) is an international initiative comprised of manufacturers, recyclers, academics, governments and other organizations committed to solving the world’s waste electrical and electronic - e-waste - problem. By providing a forum for discussion among stakeholders, Step actively shares information, seeks answers and implements solutions. |Read more

PRESS RELEASE (German): Internationale Zusammenarbeit stärken - BMBF und in Bonn ansässiges Vizerektorat der Universität der Vereinten Nationen (UNU- ViE) unterzeichnen Partnerschaftsabkommen

Published 2014-04-17

Das Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung (BMBF) und das in Bonn ansässige Vizerektorat der Universität der Vereinten Nationen (UNU- ViE) haben heute die Unterzeichnung eines  Partnerschaftsabkommens gefeiert. Das BMBF wird das Vizerektorat der UNU bis einschließlich 2015 mit jährlich einer Million Euro fördern. |Read more

UNU and WHO release findings from first ever global survey on e-waste's impact on child health

Published 2014-03-07

In an effort to collect more information about the growing problem of e-waste and its effects on children’s health, the United Nations University (UNU) and the World Health Organization (WHO) partnered to create the first global survey investigating the impacts of e-waste recycling on child health. The results of the survey are now available in a detailed report by Federico Magalini and Ruediger Kuehr of the UNU Institute for Sustainability and Peace SCYCLE Operating Unit. One hundred and thirty-nine epidemiologists, toxicologists, child health experts, industry representatives, non-governmental organisations representatives and policy makers responded to the online questionnaire. |Read more

PRESS RELEASE: Visit of the UN-General Secretary to the United Nations in Bonn

Published 2014-02-03

31 January 2014, Bonn, Germany - The Secretary-General of the United Nations, Ban Ki-moon, met with United Nations (UN) staff at the UN Campus in Bonn today. |Read more

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Growing e-waste problem in China

Published 2013-04-25 | Updated 2014-01-17

A new Green Paper titled “E-waste in China: A country report” published by the Solving the E-waste Problem (StEP) Initiative explores and offers key insights into the scale and dynamics of the e-waste problem in China. The goal of this report is to enable better understanding of the e-waste system in China. |Read more

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© Fundació Privada Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau/Robert Ramos

UNU-Barcelona begins work in its Sant Pau historic site premises

Published 2013-03-07 | Updated 2014-01-17

7 March 2013, Barcelona — The United Nations University (UNU) is pleased to announce that its academic Institute in Barcelona has, as of this month, embarked on a multidimensional research programme aimed at achieving a better understanding of cultural diversity and mobility in the context of globalization. |Read more

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New study reveals complex flow and market structure of waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) in Belgium

Published 2013-09-30 | Updated 2014-01-17

United Nations University, Institute for Sustainability and Peace , 16 September 2013 - In response to an EU Directive aiming to significantly recover waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) in each Member State by 2019, Recupel, a Belgian WEEE take-back and recycling organization, gathered a decade’s-worth of information to explore how much of this material exists in Belgium, where it comes from and where it goes. |Read more

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Press Release: World E-Waste Map Reveals National Volumes, International Flows

Published 2013-12-16 | Updated 2014-01-17

Volume of end-of-life electronics worldwide expected to jump one-third to 65.4 million tonnes annually by 2017

New report details US generation and destinations of shipments of used electronics no longer residing in households; methodology offers world guide 

15 December 2013 - By 2017, all of that year’s end-of-life refrigerators, TVs, mobile phones, computers, monitors, e-toys and other products with a battery or electrical cord worldwide could fill a line of 40-ton trucks end-to-end on a highway straddling three quarters of the Equator. |Read more

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