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The United Nations University (UNU) is the academic arm of the United Nations. It bridges the academic world and the United Nations system. Its goal is to develop sustainable solutions for current and future problems of humankind in all aspects of life. Through a problem-oriented and interdisciplinary approach it aims at teaching, applied research and education on a global scale. UNU was founded in 1973 as an autonomous organ of the United Nations General Assembly. The University comprises headquarters in Tokyo, Japan, and more than a dozen Institutes and Programmes worldwide.


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Internship programme

The international internship programme recently launched by UNU-ViE aims at developing a networking strategy in order to foster and strengthen cooperation links with other UN agencies, academic institutions, renown universities from all over the world and in particular from the African and Asian continents and Governments. This internship strategy of UNU is clearly in line with its institutional development policy of UNU-ViE. Through particular support provided to candidates from developing countries, UNU-ViE is willing to reinforce cooperation with African and Asian universities in particular. 

As most recent developments, several contacts have been established with the Government of South Korea through its diplomatic mission to the Federal Republic of Germany concerning internship opportunities for outstanding Korean post-graduates and exchange programmes.

In addition, IDEAS has also led discussions with institutions such as the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) and other institutions in the field of Higher Education both regionally and internationally on the subject of scholarship opportunities for future interns from developing countries.

Famil Mammadov (left) and Andrea Milan (right)

UNU Bonn Interns Selected to Attend Conference on Environmental Protection and Sustainable Development in Bansko, Bulgaria

Published 2011-04-01 | Updated 2011-09-08

Famil Mammadov (UNU-ViE) and Andrea Milan (UNU-EHS) were selected to attend the international youth seminar “Youth work fostering European youth action for environmental protection and sustainable development”. From 14 to 20 March 2011, 22 participants from more than 10 countries promoted European youth work as the main catalyst of youth action. | Read more