Africa-focused UNU projects

The United Nations University (UNU) is currently engaged in over 50 projects focused on Africa. Please find below a list of Africa-focused UNU projects. [Stocktaking: October 2011]

  1. African Migrants and Remittances

    This study aims to promote financial access to migrants by fostering competition in the money transfer market, building partnerships between and among microfinance institutions in ten sub-Saharan African countries and migrant associations across Europe, and providing microfinance institutions in select African counties with the technical assistance to develop more competitive money transfer services.

  2. Education for Sustainable Development in Africa (ESDA)

    The ESDA Project aims to develop and test a graduate-level education programme for professionals to be engaged in sustainable development in Africa.

  3. Learning to Compete (L2C): Accelerating Industrial Development in Africa

    This project is a comparative, country-based research programme that seeks to answer a seemingly simple but complex question: Why is there so little industry in Africa?

  4. Regional Centres of Expertise for Education for Sustainable Development

    A Regional Centre of Expertise (RCE) is a network of existing formal, non-formal and informal education organizations, mobilized to deliver education for sustainable development (ESD) to local and regional communities.

  5. Role of Biotechnology in Sustainable Agriculture and Climate Change Mitigation in Developing Countries (BioAfric)

    The project results will help provide some understanding of the level of adoption of biotechnology, scientific knowledge, policy formulation and implementation for improvements in agricultural production in developing nations.

  6. The Responsibility to Protect and the Problem of the Kin-State

    This joint research project of UNU-ISP and the Centre for International Governance Innovation examined the concept of the responsibility to protect (R2P) in the context of minority protection, focusing on the role of the so-called “kin-state”.

  7. West African Science Service Center on Climate Change and Adapted Land Use (WASCAL)

    This project is a large-scale research-focused programme initiated to develop effective adaptation and mitigation measures to climate change.